Stillness Reigns

by Cloud Ellyn

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Written and recorded over five weeks with a focus on simplicity and atmosphere, trying to think as little as possible.


released August 24, 2015

All music by Jonathan Ioviero.

Written and recorded during July & August 2015 in Portland, OR.



all rights reserved


Cloud Ellyn Portland, Oregon

loops n such

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Track Name: As Above, Earth Below
I see the Earth below
I feel the pulse slow
I sleep above the glow
I feel the blood flow

I hear the sea below
I feel the size grow
I bathe in silver glow
I live in tableau

Your eyes are full and open
Horizon growing clear

And I know you always will speak in tones
That will slip between the worlds I know
But I'll listen close when I'm all alone
And I'll try to match them with my own
Track Name: Blackened
Close out the light now
Keep the blinds down
Block out the sound now
Keep your head down

Everywhere you go
It's always gonna show
It will be your everything
And everyone you see
Will know it when you leave
It will be your everything

I don't mind that it's keeping me out of time
I've got a clock in my mind
And it still says I'm fine

Everywhere you look
Every little nook
Will seem far away

Blackened skyline
Make me feel alive
Track Name: Victorian Walls
Remember, young and tired eyes
Every pattern
Another world, another sign
Remember, young and open mind
It's a pattern
Trace a life down the walls
Track Name: A Small Bird
I want to see everything you know
I want to be everywhere you go
I don't know what I'd do without you

You'll always be in the air, in thought
You'll always be everywhere I'm not
I don't know what I'd do without you

Movement caught through open blinds
But all is still inside
Try to leave through open eyes
But all is still inside

I'll never see it, golden light
Warming the branches out of sight
Track Name: Glass Room
Ocean and silence
And a space within it all
Over reliance
On a temporary wall

A glass room inside a sea in the mind
A great view if you don't need to breathe

Would I need it, if I knew you?
Could I really know you, in some time?
Give me time
Track Name: Crest/Fallen
Cast yourself in moonlight
Blackened armor, shadow adorned
We both know it's fucking cold in there
But still you wear it as your own

Remember, you need to breathe
Remember, you need to sleep
Don't let it become the thing that you fear

Fight your best through all your life
But stillness reigns every time

Remember the golden tree
Remember the silver sea
I know they will always be in your dreams

Throw down your sword
Your crest will fall
Lay down your arms
It's over now